« In my “work of remembrance” I put all my effort, as we all should, into young people. To show them the horrors they could be lead to, as many of their forebears were. To show what happens when there is inaction in the face of injustice, exclusion and barbarity. In this ‘“work of remembrance” we must also remind young people that the executioners were ordinary people, just like any of us. So, we must be vigilant as to how we respond to others, so we do not in turn become their executioners. » 


Not a soul would have believed me…

Sam Braun shared his story by giving numerous talks, workshops and seminars. He also created literary and artistic works, publishing articles and books of an interview where he talks about how, after having been silent for many years, including with his family, he decided to tell his story and relate what he had learned to guide his life.

The book “Not a soul would have believed me, so I kept quiet” (Personne ne m’aurait cru, alors je me suis tu) was adapted for theatre. Sam Braun was greatly involved in this adaptation with Patrick Olivier.