« In my “work of remembrance” I put all my effort, as we all should, into young people. To show them the horrors they could be lead to, as many of their forebears were. To show what happens when there is inaction in the face of injustice, exclusion and barbarity. In this ‘“work of remembrance” we must also remind young people that the executioners were ordinary people, just like any of us. So, we must be vigilant as to how we respond to others, so we do not in turn become their executioners. » 


Inauguration of the Sam Braun room at the Junior High School in Bresles

On November 10, 2017 at 7pm the Sam Braun Centre for Awareness and Culture was opened at the Condorcet Junior High School in Bresles (Oise). Present were several dignitaries as well as members of the Braun family.

Inauguration ccc college bresles 3

Nadège Lefèbvre, President of the Regional Council of the Oise, and Béatrice Braun, Sam Braun’s wife, opened the Centre for Awareness and Culture at the Condorcet Junior High School in this town which is a few kilometres south east of Beauvais.

Several members of the Braun family and other dignitaries were present to honour this man who devoted so much of his time to the work of remembrance. With Mathieu Dubus, the principal of the school, were Edouard Courtial, former Minister and Senator for the Oise, Olivier Paccaud, Senator for the Oise and Vice President of the Regional Council, Anne Fuméry, Regional Councillor for the district of Mouy, Dominique Cordier, Mayor of Bresles and Jacky Crépin, Inspector of the Academy and Director of Regional Services for National Education.

Sam Braun’s name is significant in this school as it is here that Sam and his daughter, Malka, came to speak with students on several occasions. The ‘work of remembrance’ continues as it is part of the curriculum where teaching about community harmony is a priority.